RAW is our simplest and lightest version aimed at serious yachtsmen with ambitions to race their boat hard. The carbon rotating mast will help derive maximum efficiency from the sail plan, and the outboard engine provides alternative power at the lightest possible weight. On-board comfort is limited to help keep down the overall weight and increase the speed and agility of your IC36. The absence of a coach-roof improves aerodynamics, and the entire cockpit and deck is adapted for quick and easy access to all primary sail controls. You can upgrade your catamaran by selecting the appropriate options in the Configurator. RAW is also the simplest model for assembly.

Weight: 2,491.17 kg
Payload: 1,602.83 kg

€ 346,335



Our top model includes state-of-the-art technology and the highest specification of yachting hardware. It is designed for lovers of technology without compromise, and for owners who want to achieve ultimate self-sufficiency in generating energy; in other words, quiet and ecologically-minded sailing using electric propulsion with a hydro-regeneration unit. It is equipped top-of-the-range equipment including carbon rotating mast, coach-roof with sliding blind, comfortable bench and dining table for friends and family, with marine-spec equipment for cooking at cockpit, and much more. Aft-mounted davits have been designed to carry the best solar panels on the market or some of your favourite sports equipment, such as Jetsurf. Browse the Configurator and assemble your ultimate vessel for true freedom and independent living.

Weight: 3,120.76 kg
Payload: 1,348.24 kg

€ 497,818


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